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What will you learn?
Increase Sales Through Social
Guaranteed to help your or your client's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram profiles grow engagement and help boost sales of your product or service! 100% tried and tested methods from experts in social media marketing. 
Strategies That Work
It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or experienced social media agency owner - getting the right strategies is difficult, and it's easy to forget the simplest things. 
How To Grow Engagement
With 51 Social Media Marketing Methods, we've done the hard work and mapped out exactly what you need to do (tried and tested) to grow your engagement on popular social networks. 

Why are you selling this?
The methods in this book have helped me grow my businesses and now I want to share these best practices with you so you can boost your engagement online. 

What Social Networks does the book cover?
The book covers the best practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but because all of the popular networks focus on one thing: 'Social', you can successfully apply the underlying principles to Instagram, Pinterest and more! 

What kind of techniques will I learn?
The book covers a range of strategies and methods proven to get results. Things don't come instantly though, so make sure you commit to exercising the techniques you learn with consistency and before to know it your posts will trend, your engagement will grow and your following will skyrocket! You will learn strategies and tips to boost post engagement, how to connect with your audience, adding value, how to be creative when you can't think of what to post, using social media for sales and much more!

What makes you qualified?
Reece Lyons has extensive experience in social media marketing, having given presentations and webinars to thousands of agencies and businesses on the subject. He also founded and leads the team at SendPilot - an artificial intelligence powered social media management software company helping thousands of people get more traffic to their websites through social media! 

What format is the book?
The format of the book is e-book - this means it will be delivered to you immediately via email so you can start learning the great techniques and strategies instantly! 
About The Author

Hi there! My name is Reece Lyons and I am the seller of '51 Social Media Marketing Strategies'! 

Firstly, thanks for your interest in my book. The content is designed to help you with my strategies, best practices, tips and tricks for growing your social media presence without all the jargon and technical speak you'll find in other books! 

About me - I am an expert in digital marketing, social media marketing and growing businesses. I have built and sold a number of businesses, software companies and agencies, as well as working for Fortune 500 companies like Intel Corporation! 

Currently, I am the Founder & CEO at an artificial intelligence software company that automates agencies and business' social media marketing by analysing their blog content and then turning it into engaging, high converting social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more! 

If you have any questions about my book, SendPilot or just want to say hi, please drop me an email at

For now, enjoy the amazing, proven strategies in 51 Social Media Marketing Methods!

Yours, Reece Lyons

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51 Social Media Marketing Methods has helped me boost my engagement for my business. I can't say exactly how much (I don't bother with analytics), but my knowledge has grown a lot and so has my Facebook following!  "
-Jane, USA
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